Malou Swart

I help hidden singers come out into the open.

And sensitive visionaires to finally let their voice be heard.

Are you ready to expand your voice?

Hi, I´m Malou

I believe that being a great singer and speaker, means being confidently connected to all parts of you that resonate along with your voice.

We make you express yourself in ways you never thought possible for yourself. We´ll align you to your (hidden) emotions, life story, and empower your mind. So that combined with the right techniques you can back yourself up. And you´ll sing or speak in an authentic way that touches the hearts of many, including your own.

¨Once you remember the sweetness of your own melody, life is such an easy song to sing¨.

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What my clients say about me

¨She liberated the voice of my 13 year old self¨

With grace, humour and skill Malou taught me that I could indeed sing but what I did not expect, is that she also liberated the voice of my 13 year old self. I feel stronger, happier and more purposeful than ever before!
Liz Bingham
business leader

¨Singing is now an expression of what I feel¨

Despite my serious lung problem, Malou managed to make me sing freely, shamelessly and from my heart by opening her magic door. Singing is now an expression of what I feel. What a joy and relief!
Primary school teacher

¨Now I finally dare to go on stage¨

The first time for me to work with my voice was with Malou. I felt very comfortable right away. It went so much deeper than just teaching you the right techniques. To me it also was therapy. I finally dare to go on stage now. I totally recommend her!
Leonie Schuurman
make-up artist & sound healer
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