Malou is a Dutch singer-song writer and spiritual coach living in Nerja, Spain. She has a passion for both music & inner growth, and decided to combine these two worlds into Malou Music. Everyone who feels a longing to express themselves through singing will feel at the right place here!

Malou has been singing she was very little. As a child she sang in a famous Dutch TV-show ¨Kinderen voor Kinderen¨. She took singing classes in many different styles: musical, pop, classical, jazz and voice liberation. All use different methods and techniques to get the most out of your voice and Malou enjoys using a mixture to get expand her/ your music abilities. She also followed prelimimary education at Fonteijs Hogeschool for Musical Theatre, and played in many theatreshows as a multi-talent (singer, dancer & actress).

Meanwhile she followed another passion: spirituality. Malou graduated at university as a Bachelor in Science of Religion and as a Master in Spiritual Care (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). She worked for 10 years as a spiritual caregiver in the field of psychiatry, elderly and mentally handicapped care, talking with people about the meaning of life and death. Meanwhile she practiced yoga and vipassana meditation, became a mindfulness trainer, and since three years studies A Course in Miracles.

Now these both worlds of music & spirituality are mixing and strenghtening eachother. Since two years Malou writes, sings and records songs about the transfer of our mind from fear to Love. It is sharing this Love that empowers her in all aspects of Malou Music. Whether is in in teaching people how to sing freely, releasing the blocks to Love through voice expression or giving a concert; all is meant to sing the one song of Love!

If you´d like to listen to Malou´s songs, you can go to her You Tube channel or listen to her on Spotify. She performs regularly at retreats, Sunday Morning Concerts in Nerja, weddings, funerals, or wherever her music may help spread the light!


Jutta about Voice Coaching: ¨Malou managed to create a safe atmosphere in which I was more and more daring. Through various exercises that were intuitively tuned to my blockages to let my voice go freely, I was able to open up more and more. By learning to use my voice as an energy flow, the session had a positive effect not only on my voice, but also on my whole body. I arrived in the now and was able to ground myself better. Not only on an energetic level, but also from a vocal point of view, Malou’s years of experience and knowledge has helped me take another step forward. In short, the session was very enjoyable and I have enough input again to get started at home!¨ Jutta van Hooft, The Netherlands

Amber about Malou Silent Music: “OH Wow, Malou!!! This is so luminous. I felt the Oneness, that I was falling into your eyes and you into my heart as Lover of Life. So wonderful. Thank you for extending Love in this glorious way, opening your gift and heart to the world.” Amber Spirithorse – teacher of the TTC programme by Nouk Sanchez

“I just want to sit at your feet a little longer! Oh my goodness, my heart is so wide open in your presence and music. You lifted me straight to heaven. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Coreen Walson – teacher of the TTC programme by Nouk Sanchez