Sing Your Inner Music

About Course

The Inner Music Method serves both hidden singers to come out into the open, as kindhearted people pleasers that just want to speak up.

You know that your voice is a beautiful instrument that directly reflects how you feel. It´s a great mirror, in both beautiful and sometimes annoying ways…:

When we feel safe and confident, it helps us shine!
When we feel nervous and blocked, it sounds shaky and restricted.

Speaking up and singing confidently are very much alike. While you use your voice, your emotions, life stories and beliefs about yourself resonate with the sounds it creates. Instead of pushing away feelings of insecurity, or surpressing the memory of your primary school teacher telling you to stop singing, we go for a new approach. It´s time to leverage all that is present within you. You´ve got a unique story to sing or tell, and it´s about time you start to own that.

¨Once you remember the sweetness of your own melody, life becomes such an easy song to sing¨

Sing Your Inner Music gives you the tools and helps you gain profound insights so YOU too acces speaking and singing with ease.

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What Will You Learn?

  • be confident and true to yourself while interacting / singing with others
  • process emotions by using your voice, ánd allowing them well-dosed to give your voice confidence, depth and authenticity
  • enjoy your unique self-expression, that helps you live and pursue the life you dream of

Course Content

Welcome to the course!

  • Introduction to the course

Week 1. Suppress Less, Express More – for physical & emotional wellbeing

Week 2 – Setting healthy boundaries in a clear and loving way

Week 3 – Unblock your Voice

Week 4 – Tune into your Inner Voice

Week 5. Release your Powerhouse Voice

Week 6 – Start Nailing your Favorite Songs

Week 7. Face Your Stage Fright