Connect to your Higher Self  (by listening to beautiful music)

Malou Silent Music is here for you to:

  • Help you align with your Higher Self
  • Experience inner silence while listening to soothing music
  • Effortlessly being filled with joy & gratitude


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Do you feel overwhelmed by the world?

Facing everyday issues can be hard: work, family, friends, the environment, health… Wanting to do everything right, but still feeling like you are lacking: lacking time, energy, humour, peace and calmness. You want to be there for everyone and everything, but it can be frustrating to see that you just don´t know how….! How to not get irritated, anxious, overwhelmed, tired… Sometimes we just need a break, but when?!

“I´m flying high on Holy Spirit, flying high there´s love to give. 

Nothing to loose, only winning, flying high, I´m alive ”        – from the song Flying High

Make the most of everyday tasks like driving, cleaning & cooking, by feeding your soul with music while doing it. It makes you feel you´re alive and your light shine brighter!

Enjoy Malou Silent Music and:

Feed Your Soul

The music & lyrics are gentle and connecting you to the Silence that´s within you. You connect to your Higher Self & inspiration easily.


You can listen to this music everywhere! While doing repetative tasks like cooking, cleaning, driving you can be inspired intensely, so it becomes fun.

Find Joy & Gratitude

Instead of getting annoyed because of needing to do so much, you´ll use  time wisely to realign with yourself, so you can shine your light to the world around you with Joy & Gratitude.

“This music lifts me straight to heaven

“Oh my goodness, my heart is so wide open in your presence and music.  I forgot about the world and you lifted me straight to heaven. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”  Coreen

–  Coreen Walsonteacher of A Course in Miracles

“I felt the Oneness…”

““OH Wow, Malou!!! This is so luminous. I felt the Oneness, that I was falling into your eyes and you into my heart as Lover of Life. So wonderful. Thank you for extending Love in this glorious way, opening your gift and heart to the world.” Amber Spirithorse”

– Amber, Non-Dualistic Teacher

“I was carried into Love by the songs…”

“Malou! You swept everyone off their feet with your gorgeous voice, and songs! Coreen and I were carried into LOVE thru your voice…Thank YOU precious sister. You’re an angel!”

– Nouk Sanchez, writer of ¨A manual for Holy Relationship¨

What You’ll Get…

A Free Digital Download of the latest album Flying High, to get you straight to heaven!

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¨Help me be released, from all duties of this world. And help me see, and feel and breathe, the one thing there´s left to do.¨ From the song Let me love you now

“Your songs make me cry”

“I feel boosted and relieved after hearing your songs. They make me cry.”

– Melia Shapiro (Make-up artist)

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