Individual Voice Coaching can have one of the following focuses, depending on your wishes:

1. Singing technique. The do’s & don’ts about singing. Warming up, breathing, support, blending registers, posture, placement of sound, range. All you need to know (& practice).

2. Finding your sound. What is your natural sound? Experimenting with different sounds to express emotions, desire, the meaning of a song (to you). How can you use sound and emotions to execute songs in an authentic way, with your specific talents and abilities?

3. A therapeutic approach: connecting to how you feel. How is your body, your mind? Can you allow and accept your feelings? How would you express them by using your voice? This approach of acceptance and allowance is very healing, restorative and empowering.

Or of course a mix of all. We┬┤ll discuss your wishes & I will create a session that works for you!