Do you feel a longing to express yourself? Do you like singing, even though you´re not sure how good you are? Do you wish to feel free, be authentic and connected to yourself? I´d love to work with you in my practice.

Sing your Soul out!
Join us, and sing yourself into Peace and Silence!
With beautiful (easy) songs & mantra´s to open your heart. Everyone welcome, no experienced needed.
We do group excersises based on voice expression to authentically connect to ourselves and give expression to whatever arises. A beautiful way to connect deeply, and experience the Joy within! No experience needed, all are welcome!
Learn to sing Joyfully. Discover your sound.
Build trust, confidence and Joy your singing!
Expect miracles! Ready to shift your mind from fear to Love? To start to realize you are not a body, but actually you are free in Spirit?These mornings we´ll be inspired by a Course in Miracles. We´ll read, meditate, listen to musicand share our experiences with the practice of (self-)forgiveness.