Unblock Your Voice

For amazing yoga teachers and coaches

You want to go from feeling blocked or tight, to coming confidently out into the open with your voice. So you can start serving your students even better, by embodying an open and empowered voice chakra. In this 4hr workshop you will learn to use your voice in an embodied way during your teachings. And know how to invite your students/ clients to experience the healing power of the voice too.

¨I didn´t know there was so much sound in me¨

Tuning into myself brought up a lot of emotion. I have left so much unexpressed in my life. I didn´t know there was so much sound in me! Finally I´ve found a way to let myself be heard, let go of the past and heal.
Jutta van Hooft
programmer & energetic healer

Hi you hidden singer,

It´s time to get out into the open!

I believe that being a great singer, means being confidently connected to all parts of you that resonate along with your voice.

Your strength is one of them. When you are connected to your unique power, your voice will florish. It knows you´ve got it´s back, and you will be able to sing in ways you never thought possible to yourself. 

¨Blackbird singing in the dead of nightTake these broken wings and learn to flyAll your lifeYou were only waiting for this moment to arise¨ – The Beatles 


What my clients say about me

¨She liberated the voice of my 13 year old self¨

With grace, humour and skill Malou taught me that I could indeed sing but what I did not expect, is that she also liberated the voice of my 13 year old self. I feel stronger, happier and more purposeful than ever before!
Liz Bingham
business leader

¨Singing is now an expression of what I feel¨

Despite my serious lung problem, Malou managed to make me sing freely, shamelessly and from my heart by opening her magic door. Singing is now an expression of what I feel. What a joy and relief!
Primary school teacher
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